What Services does CFT Offer

At CFT, we understand that managing the daily treatments required to maintain the best health can be challenging. This is whether you are a parent, carer or person living with CF yourself. 

CFT offers a range of programs designed to support you and your loved ones through managing a chronic condition. We aim to ensure you receive the correct information and the emotional, financial and social support you need throughout your journey with CF.  

We regularly undertake a member survey to understand the changing needs of our members. This feedback also assists us in planning for future services when funding becomes available. We are happy to receive feedback at any time about our services or suggestions on how we could assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact our CEO by email at general@cftas.org.au to share your thoughts on what would be helpful for you.


To be eligible for any of the services CFT offers, you must be a current financial member of the Association and maintain that membership. Any other eligibility requirements are outlined in the information for each program.  

CFT runs on a calendar financial year (1 January to 31 December), with annual limits within those dates. Allowances will be re-set annually on 1 January each year. Any unused benefits cannot be carried over to the following year.