Medical Equipment Support

Medical Equipment

CFT can provide you with medical equipment that you require that is not provided by the public health system. 

Nebulisers and Airway Clearance Devices

The nebulisers and other airway clearance devices that are given to you at your CF Clinic appointments have been purchased by CFT.   They are on loan to you, free of charge, provided you always remain a financial member.  

You will receive an information sheet when you are provided with your device. This will outline your responsibilities in caring for it.  We ask that you do everything possible to ensure it is well looked after and in good working order.  

If you have any airway clearance device problems, please get in touch with your CF clinic directly. Health professionals are best placed to advise you on its use. You should also contact them if you believe you need a new device or replacement part.

Equipment Sterilisers

Following a successful trial on their effectiveness, CFT now provides electric sterilisers to eliminate germs from airway clearance devices. 

On advice from your Clinic, CFT will order a steriliser to be delivered directly to you at home. If you do not have one, please chat with your health professionals at your next clinic visit.

Special Medical Equipment

If you require other medical equipment to maintain your health, please discuss this with your health professionals at your next clinic appointment. 

These applications will be assessed case-by-case and only supplied where the public health system does not provide them.