Hospital Inpatient Assistance

Inpatient Support

We will provide members with financial support to offset some of the many additional hospital costs.   For example, if you have a child in hospital, you will likely be spending money on parking, good coffee to keep you fuelled, and possibly additional phone data. This subsidy is available for hospital stays of four or more consecutive nights. It is currently $100 per stay (up to a maximum of $300 annually, although this will be considered case-by-case in exceptional circumstances).

An additional payment of $50 per stay is available for patients with specific dietary needs for issues such as Coeliac and Diabetes. This extra money will enable you to purchase some food in addition to that provided in the hospital.

Transplant Assistance

Organ transplants are not performed in Tasmania. CFT recognises that the costs of relocating interstate for an extended period can place additional financial stress on the individual and/or their family. CFT will provide up to $3,000 to CFT members receiving organ transplants at interstate hospitals. This funding is provided to help with general living and transport costs, as well as other expenses, during the relocation.

Once you, or your loved one with CF, has been placed on the transplant list we recommend that you complete the application form below. When the transplant takes place we will be informed by your healthcare team. The money will then be paid to your nominated bank account.

Boredom Buster Bags

Having your child in hospital, particularly for multiple visits, isn’t fun and they can easily get restless. Thanks to the generous support of another charity, Good 360, we have put together some fun Boredom Buster Bags for our young patients aged from 4 to 12. What your child receives in the bag will vary according to what we have available to us. It could contain items such as Lego, craft packs, soft toys or books.

Hospital staff have Boredom Buster Packs at all three Tasmanian hospitals and will provide your child with one during their stay. If you don’t receive one, please ask the staff about it, or contact the CFT office by phone or email.

TV Hire

We will reimburse the costs of television hire to our members when they are in the hospital. When you are an inpatient at the Launceston General Hospital, Mersey or Royal Hobart Hospital, you can arrange your tv hire online through this link:

Please save your receipt and then complete the online form for us to reimburse you.