Hospital Inpatient Assistance

Inpatient Support

We will provide members with financial support to offset some of the many additional hospital costs.   For example, if you have a child in hospital, you will likely be spending money on parking, good coffee to keep you fuelled, and possibly additional phone data. This subsidy is available for hospital stays of four or more consecutive nights. It is currently $100 per stay (up to a maximum of $300 annually, although this will be considered case-by-case in exceptional circumstances).

An additional payment of $50 per stay is available for patients with specific dietary needs such as Gluten Free. This extra money will enable you to purchase some food in addition to that provided in the hospital.

TV Hire

We will reimburse the costs of television hire to our members when they are in the hospital. When you are an inpatient at the Launceston General Hospital, Mersey or Royal Hobart Hospital, you can arrange your tv hire online through this link:

Please save your receipt and then complete the online form for us to reimburse you.

Boredom Buster Bags

We know that keeping your child entertained while they are in the hospital can be challenging.

CFT supplies boredom buster bags for young children to enjoy and to help them pass the time. The bags include various items such as craft or activity packs, Lego, children’s books, and soft toys. The contents will vary according to age and availability.

One of the CF Clinic staff will deliver the pack during admission. If your child is in hospital and you don’t receive a pack, please let us know, and we will try and arrange to have one delivered.

Transplant Assistance

As transplants are not undertaken in Tasmania, CFT provides financial assistance for members with transplants at interstate hospitals. This recognises the significant costs you and your support person will have while temporarily relocating interstate. The current payment is $1500 per transplant.   

We recommend that when you are in the process of being listed for transplant, you submit an application. We will then keep this on file and pay you the money once we have been advised that you have received your transplant.