Help with Travel and Transport Costs

Mobility Assistance

What it is: Assistance with the cost of travel for work, study or volunteering when people can’t use public transport (or if there isn’t public transport near where they live) due to disability, illness or injury. If you get a mobility allowance you will also get a health care card.

Eligibility: People aged 16 years of age or older who have a medical report from their doctor confirming they can’t use public transport without substantial assistance because of disability, illness, or injury when traveling to and from home for paid work, voluntary work, study or training, or to look for work (hours spent on these must be above a minimum threshold). People may also be eligible if there isn’t public transport near where they live.

Disabled Parking Permit

What it is: A permit that provides parking concessions based on a person’s need for assistance, including being able to park in disabled parking bays.

Eligibility: People who have a significant disability or illness that affects their ability to walk unaided or walk long distances. Confirmation from a Medical Practitioner is required.