Fact Sheets

Useful CF resources.

CF Fact Sheets (With thanks to CFWA)

How is CF diagnosed?
Medications – Adults
CFTR Modulator Therapy
Common Infections
Infection Prevention Control
Airway Clearance Techniques

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School and Community Education

The CFSmart education program, developed by CFWA, is an online tool with various educational resources about CF. It includes free e-Learning modules and fact sheets that can be downloaded. They are suitable for those supporting children with CF in different stages of their education, from early learning to high school.

School Visits

If your child is starting school and you would like to arrange for someone to speak to staff at the school about CF, this can be arranged through your child’s CF clinic.  


CFPhysio.com is a website developed by a group of healthcare professionals from across Australia and New Zealand. It has two applicable sections for those living with CF. As with all online information, it is not intended to replace regular clinic visits. Instead, it is designed to refresh your memory on techniques and give you the confidence to ask questions when you see your healthcare team. You can even take a quiz to test your understanding of CF, as well as podcasts and videos.

CF Community

This section contains valuable information about physiotherapy for people living with CF. It has a range of information about exercise, lung health monitoring, postural advice, airway clearance techniques and inhalation therapy. The information contained on this site can also be helpful for family members and others to understand CF and how it is managed.

CF Physio 4 Kids

This section has tips on age-appropriate care, airway clearance, inhalation therapy and play and activities for children from infants through to 18 years.